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Judging Qualification

Steps towards Steps towards achieving
Judge Culinary Arts and Restaurant Service Competitions
Unit standard 21855                                                                                                

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Next Seminar Dates:
Auckland - 6th May 2017
Palmerston North - 27th April 2017
Wellington - 20th May 2017
Dunedin - 8th July 2017


Click here to fill out the Registration form for Judges Qualification & Seminar.
Click here to read more about how you can Achieve Judging Qualification - Unit standard 21855

Ring the NZCA National Office and find out when the seminars are on in your region. Note you do not have had to have judged before to undertake the seminar.
Once you have registered, you will be sent some information and you will need to work through the steps in order to be eligible for assessment and be seemed competent.
Prior to the Seminar

  • You will receive the information about the seminar, date, venue and time.
  • You will receive the candidates work book, the Culinary Arts Guidelines 8th Edition a list of level 5 assessors (for your interview) and the name of the facilitator of seminar you are attending.
  • Please complete the work book in its entirety using the WACS website and the Culinary Arts Guidelines before the seminar.
The Seminar

  • You must have settled your invoice before you may participate in the Judge’s seminar.
  • You must bring with your completed workbook and your culinary arts guidelines.
  • You will be given a seminar workbook on the day in addition to the other material.
  • The seminar will consist of a PowerPoint presentation and a question and answer session.
  • At the conclusion of the seminar you will undertake the theory assessment (pg 27) in closed book circumstances and then your workbooks will be collected for marking. 
The Assessment Process

  • When you have enough judging experience you may apply to the coordinator, in your field, for assessment, not the Salon Director.
  • You will have to provide the coordinator with your judging C.V. and evidence that you have meet the criteria (pg 5)
  • The coordinator will work in with the Salon Director to make a space available for you at a NZCA endorsed Culinary Fare, they will also assign you an assessor for you all of your assessments.
  • You assessor will be the person who provides you feedback about your assessment and will deem you competent or not yet competent. They will also be responsible for reporting your credits
    Follow up

  • If you are unsuccessful follow up will be made through the coordinator and new assessment options given to you. 
  • If you are successful then your certificate and badge will be presented by the N.Z.C.A.
 Building Your Judging C.V. and Evidence
On page 5 of your candidate workbook it states that you must comply with health and safety legislation and be experienced in the area that you are judging to undertake assessment. Furthermore it states that you must be able to provide evidence of your judging and have judged a minimum of 2 classes at a provincial or regional competition.
So we ask that when you are putting together your Judging C.V. you provide the coordinator with the following:

  1. An abridged work history relevant to the field you wish to judge in
  1. Any particular area of expertise or advanced certification you may have that relates to the area you wish to judge in e.g. if you wish to judge the sommelier class it would be good to declare that you are a wine master.
  1. A chronological list of the competitions and classes that you have judged in. The minimum standard is 2 classes but the more judging you have undertaken the easier the assessment process will be to complete.
  1. Evidence of you involvement at these events i.e. certificates for judging presented by the event, letters of thanks by event organizers etc
Please remember to include all of your contact details and be aware that the information furnished in the C.V. will end up on the NZChefs Judges Register unless you state to the contrary.
Lastly the competitions that you have judged at are important, as we must ensure that they are events that use the correct marking schedules and have the correct management structures here is a list of the competitions that are endorsed.

Click below to buy a Guidelines book ...

Guidelines for Culinary Arts & Restaurant Service Competitions - Competitor information
Guidelines for Culinary Arts & Restaurant Service Competitions - Competitor and Judging Information
Current NZChefs endorsed competitions:
  • Northland Salon
  • Auckland Regional Salon
  • Auckland NZChefs National Salon
  • Taranaki
  • Central - Hawkes Bay
  • Wellington; Wellington Culinary Fare
  • Otago/Southland: Cromwell, Dunedin and Southern Lights, Invercargill

For further information contact Carmel Clark
0800 692 433 or 09 622 2748
Fine Foods AKL Eugene Sokolovski BigPorkBrekkie comp June 2014-653
Fine Foods Auckland, Big Pork Brekkie Comp June 2014 - Eugene Sokolovski

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