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Event 3 - NZ Pastry Chef of the Year - updated 13 June

NZ Pastry Chef of the Year
26 June 2023

Sponsors: Moffat NZ, Southern Hospitality
Product sponsors: Nestlé Professional

Event 3
Competitors are required to prepare and serve two (2) products within a three (3) hour time limit and must follow WorldChefs competition and Hygiene guidelines.

1st product (to be presented at 2hrs into the competition)

Four (4) portions of the same identical dessert suitable for an upmarket restaurant and representing a consistent theme to match the cake/gateau (second product). They must feature Nestlé Docello Royal.

2nd product (to be presented within the 3hrs mark of the competition)

One (1) cake/gateau of your choice featuring Nestlé Docello Royal. It must weigh between 800-900g (excluding garnish). One-third (1/3) of the weight must be cake product.

Pre-made cake and sponge may be brought into the competition (not cut or filled).

Crème pâtissière, jams and custard may be brought to the competition but all decorations must be done on site.

The whole gateau must first be presented to the judges. After weighing and inspection, four (4) plated portions must be served within the three (3) hour time frame. The remainder of the cake/gateau will be set on the display table.

General Rules

  • Competitors must be a member of NZ Chefs.
  • Competitors must report to the competition venue one (1) hour before the competition start time.
  • Competitors must bring their own ingredients and any equipment requirements not listed above.
  • The following must be provided:
  • one (1) portion of each course for display and three (3) portions for judge’s tasting.
  • one (1) set of recipes needed in the kitchen.
  • two (2) x menu cards to be displayed on presentation table and available for judges.

Competitors dishes must not be completed more than 10 minutes before the stipulated service time.

Failure to present any course on time, will result in missing your tasting slot. If time permits, it will be tasted after all other competitors have served and will be judged accordingly.

One (1) point will be deducted on every one (1) minute for being late for your service time.

Plated Dessert Regulations:

The desserts must show different elements of skills involved in the pastry kitchen, be seasonal, and suitable for an upmarket restaurant and represent a consistent theme to match the cake/gateau.

The dessert must contain at least 3 main components:

  • One (1) of these components must be served chilled.
  • One (1) must be frozen.
  • One (1) of the components must be served warm or hot.

Sponsor’s product
Nestlé Docello Royal

The winner of the Pastry Chef of the Year title will receive a Moffat E23D3 oven and SK23 stand. The oven will be filled with Sponsors’ Products. Total value over $6,OOO.

NZ Chefs championship entry form classes 1, 2, 3

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