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Worldskills New Zealand

 Worldskills NZ

Class – T405    Worldskills New Zealand
Saturday 11th August 2018
Front of House 9:00 – 4:30 Restaurant Arena
Back of House 2:15 – 5:15 Southern Hospitality Kitchen

Front of House:
Part 1: Thirty minutes (30) spirit and liqueur identification.
Competitors are required to identify four spirits and four liqueurs by sight and smell only.
Part two: Fifteen (15) minutes table boxing.
Competitors are required to box an 1800 mm by 900 mm table.
Part 3: Fifteen (15) minutes Napkin folding.
Competitors are required to fold 10 different napkins.
Part 4: Twenty five (25) minutes Magic box cocktails, two types of two portions.
Competitors are to produce two (2) different cocktails, 2 portions of each, using mystery products in the box provided. Competitor to supply all equipment other than ice and glassware. (No blended cocktails)
5 minutes to unpack and collect ice.
15 minutes to prepare and present.
Part 5: Forty five (45) minutes mise-en-place table setting and sideboard preparation for three course Gueridon lunch service for four guests.
Competitors are required to prepare a standard full Table d’hôte restaurant setting including; water (1) and wine glasses (2), cruets and butter dishes for four (4) covers. Napkin folds prepared earlier are to be used on the table setting. A 900-mm square table, four (4) chairs, trestle table as sideboard and hot water will be provided.
Part 6: Fifteen (15) minutes Sparkling wine cocktail mise-en-place for four portions.
Competitors are required to prepare the glassware and Sparkling Wine ready for service in a reception style setting.
Part 7: Fifteen (15) minutes Sparkling wine tray service.
Competitors are required to open and pour four glasses of Sparkling Wine for four guests, tray serve from a salver to guests. 
Part 8: Ninety (90) Minutes Gueridon meal service to four guests.
Competitors are required to Silver serve a bread roll, prepare four (4) covers of an assembled Salad, a Flambéed Main course protein and Flambéed Dessert (at the Gueridon/side table), serve water, white wine and Aerated Red wine at the appropriate times.
Part 9: Fifteen (15) minutes Wine identification of three white and three red wine.
Competitors are required to correctly identify three white and three red wine varietals by sight, smell and taste.
Part 10: Fifteen (15) minutes espresso coffee quiz.
Competitors are required to answer a Multi choice quiz based on espresso coffee.


Back of House:
Test project is broken into 2 components - 1 “static” class and 1 “live” class with all competitors working through the entirety of the test project over the competition
Static Class
To produce 4 identical portions of a hot entrée presented cold (with aspic) using salmon as the main component of the dish
Live Class
To produce 4 identical portions of a 2-course menu in 3 hours using the ingredients from a mystery box

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