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The World Association of Chefs’ Societies, or Worldchefs in short, is a dynamic global network of more than 100 chefs associations representing chefs at all levels and across all specialties worldwide. It was founded in1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris with the venerable August Escoffier as first Honorary President.

Worldchefs is a global authority on food, creating impact through these core focus areas:

education – includes our landmark Recognition of Quality Culinary Education program and the world’s first global culinary certification;

networking – Worldchefs provides a gateway to global culinary networking opportunities and hosts the landmark biennial Worldchefs Congress & Expo;

competition – Worldchefs upholds a list of certified judges, sets global standards for competition rules, and runs the prestigious Global Chefs Challenge;

humanitarian & sustainability – our Feed the Planet and World Chefs Without Borders programs relieve food poverty, deliver crisis support, and promote sustainability across the globe


The World Association of Chefs' Societies (Worldchefs) is a non-political professional organization, dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of global cuisines.

Thomas Gugler-634-692

Introducing the WorldChefs President and Executive Team.

At the Worldchefs Congress 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece, Thomas A. Gugler, was elected as the President for Worldchefs.
Previously Continental Director of Africa & Middle East), Gugler beat two other candidates to the Presidency seat.

The dynamic German national has played an instrumental role in Worldchefs. In his 3 years as Continental Director (Africa & Middle East),
he has steered and increased membership by 300% and established numerous chef associations. He also has decades of experience judging in Worldchefs competitions globally,
certified A category judge and is celebrated for his huge love for the hospitality industry.

Thomas is also a certified Executive Master Chef who has won hundreds of medals and awards as well as tokens of appreciation from all around the globe. 
He works as the Corporate Director of Kitchens for AFS(Arabian Food Supplies) Naghi Group.
His Presidium includes: Martin Kobald (Vice President) Uwe Micheel (Assistant Vice President), Cornelia Volino (General Secretary) and K.K. Yau special assignment Liaison for Asia.”

He shares,  “We look forward to a fruitful cooperation with all our Continental Directors, the Office team, the Committee Chairs and Members and all the volunteers from around the world. 
A special thanks to all the Country Presidents, their boards and as well to all the member country federations for their support. 
We are committed to follow the direction that has been planted from past Presidents and to keep the legacy of Bill Gallagher alive. "

He concludes "We thank you for your confidence in us!"



Honorary Life Membership is the highest award Worldchefs can bestow on an individual member to recognize sustained contributions of extraordinary merit to the organisation.
The Honorary Life Membership Committee has full autonomy to act as they consider necessary to promote and support the fundamentals of Honorary Life Members within Worldchefs.

New Zealand has had four HLM recognitions to this global organization in our NZChefs History.

1 - Sid Young   

2 - Graham Hawkes
3 - Murray Dick
4 - John Sloane



This medal is presented by the Worldchefs President to recognize individuals who have undertaken activities within their own country to promote Worldchefs and the advancement of the culinary arts profession.

New Zealand has had two NZChefs Members for this medal.
1 - Rob Smillie
2 - Keith Clark

NZChefs are very proud to name these incredible Chefs above and to have them apart of NZChefs is a privilege.


Worldchefs Magazine - Issues available here



Murray Dick
Murray Dick
Sid Young
Graham Hawkes (003)-209
Graham Hawkes


Rob and Murray
Rob Smillie
Keith Clark
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