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New Zealand Chefs Association Inc is a member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (World Chefs) and was the first association to establish professional chefs training in this country.

  Please click on the above link and download, print and fill in the NZ Chefs' membership form.

Send the completed form to

NZ Chefs has the following memberships:

Full Membership: A person with at least five years cooking experience acceptable to NZ Chefs, or who has completed a training programme that is recognized by NZ Chefs.
Associate Membership: A person, who in the opinion of the NZ Chefs Board, may be of benefit to the aims and objectives of NZ Chefs, may apply for membership.
Training/Young Chefs' Club Membership: This membership is open to any person who is currently tertiary training in the Culinary Arts or a member of the Young Chefs' Club.
Establishment Membership: A solo busines at one location, with up to 5 chefs, cooks, patissiers, and/or confectioners.
Secondary School Membership: Secondary Schools teaching students in the Culinary Arts / Hospitality, up to three teachers.
Corporate Member: Companies that support NZ Chefs aims and objectives.

We have streamlined subscriptions for new membership and membership renewals.

NZ Chefs offer the following benefits to our Chef members:

- Opportunity to compete in National, Regional and International Culinary Competitions.
- Specialized workshops on industry trends and open forum discussions.
- Regional events sponsored by key corporate companies.
- Monthly newsletters
- Opportunity to apply for selection to the New Zealand International Competition teams based on meeting selection criteria.
NZ Chefs biennial conference
- Industry social gatherings.
- A membership card and NZ Chefs certificate - annual.
- NZ Chefs pin
- NZ Chefs discount APP
- NZ Chefs website -
- NZ Chefs Facebook page -
- NZ Chefs Instagram page -
- NZ Chefs LinkedIn page -

Please contact for further information.

Please Note: You must be a member of NZ Chefs and logged in to view NZ Chefs documents.

If your contact details have changed please send an email to





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