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New Zealand Chefs Association Inc is a member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (World Chefs) and was the first association to establish professional chefs training in this country.

We offer the following memberships:

Full Membership: A person with at least five years cooking experience acceptable to NZ Chefs, or who has completed a training programme that is recognized by NZ Chefs.
Associate Membership: A person, who in the opinion of the executive (branch or national), may be of benefit to the aims and objectives of NZ Chefs, may apply for membership.
Training Membership: Training membership shall be open to any person who is currently tertiary training in the Culinary Arts.
Student Membership: Student membership shall be open to any person who is currently enrolled at secondary school with an interest in the Culinary Arts.
Establishment Membership: A single kitchen/restaurant, at one location, with up to 5 chefs, cooks, patissiers, and/or confectioners.
Secondary School Membership: Secondary Schools teaching students in the Culinary Arts / Hospitality, up to three teachers.
Corporate Member: Companies that support NZ Chefs aims and objectives.

We offer the following benefits to our members:

- Sponsorship and organisation National, Regional and International Culinary Competitions.
- Specialized workshops on industry trends and open forum discussions.
- Regional events sponsored by key corporate companies and hosted in regions.
- Monthly newsletters
- Apply for selection to the New Zealand International Competition teams based on meeting selection criteria.
- NZ Chefs promotional jackets and caps.
NZ Chefs biennial conference
- Industry social gatherings in your region.
- A membership card and NZ Chefs certificate - annual.
- NZ Chefs pin
- NZ Chefs discount APP
- Opportunity to advertise jobs on our website and social media pages.
- NZ Chefs website -
- NZ Chefs Facebook page -
- NZ Chefs Instagram page -
- NZ Chefs LinkedIn page -

Thank you for taking the time to consider joining the NZ Chefs. Please contact if you need any further information.

Please Note: You must be a member of NZ Chefs and logged in to view NZ Chefs documents.

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"It is great to be a member of NZ Chefs, it’s a really good chance to join many different Restaurants and get some nice experience for my cooking future in the time that I am staying in New Zealand."
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