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Nomination form for NZ Chefs Board

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Nominations for  NZ Chefs Board

New Zealand Chefs Association Inc. approved the new Constitution 2023, and this was registered on the 2 October 23, with the NZ companies Office. We now seek 5 NZ Chefs Board members to join the NZ Chefs Presidium [President, Vice- president and  Financial Director] to manage and continue to rebuild the Association. There are 5 positions available for for election this year and results will be announced Monday 13 November 2023 or earlier if possible.

Only financial members can be nominated and must be
nominated by a financial member of the Association.
ote: Financial Member are Life, Full, One Nominated Establishment Member and Training members who remain financial during the process.

3 x NZ Chefs Board Member - 1 year  

2 x NZ Chefs Board Member - 2 years

We are looking for country wide representation and relevant skills to offer at the Board level. All positions on the Board are voluntary and do not carry an honorarium.

Some Board members may manage a sub-committee for the Board.

Examples of skills or interest, include and are not limited to: Continuing Education and Development, Marketing and Sponsorship, NZ Chefs Judging Qualifications, NZ Chefs Newsletter and Website, Youth Development, NZ Chefs Competitions, Board Secretariat, Strategic Planning and Governance.

Nominations close at noon on Friday 27 October 2023 and must be sent to:  (a completed scanned copy)

Voting Will Commence 30 October if required.



Nomination Form


NZ Chefs Board Member - 1 year

NZ Chefs Board Member - 2 years

Please circle preference

Nominee (Must be a current NZ Chefs financial member)

Full Name:                                                                      


Nominee Signature:                                                


Skills/areas of interest: _______________________________________________________________________________        

Proposer (Must be a current financial NZ Chefs member)

Full Name:                                                              

Position:         _____________________________

Email address _____________________________

Proposers Signature:                                                      


Please scan or take a clear photograph (from a smart phone) of the completed form and send to:

Nominations close at noon, Friday 27 October 2023

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