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Please select from one of the following membership:

Full Membership - A person with at least five years cooking experience acceptable to NZ Chefs, or who has completed a training programme that is recognized by NZ Chefs.

Associate Membership - A person, who in the opinion of the NZ Chefs Board, may be of benefit to the aims and objectives of NZ Chefs, may apply for membership.

Training / Young Chefs' Club Membership - Training membership shall be open to any person who is currently tertiary training in the Culinary Arts.

Establishment Membership - A solo business, at one location, with up to 5 chefs, cooks, patissiers, and/or confectioners. (NZ Chefs will contact you to obtain further details).

Secondary School Membership - Secondary Schools teaching students in the Culinary Arts / Hospitality.

Corporate Member - Companies that support NZ Chefs aims and objectives.

Please allow a minimum of a week, so we can process the application.  We only action applications on receipt of payment.
NB - All fees are for an annual membership,  and include the joining fee with the first payment

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